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Firewood Logs 4U

Suppliers of Hardwood & Softwood Logs near Annan 
Nets of Softwood for BBQs are available for collecting from Broom Fisheries

Established in 2008 our firewood log business was borne out of a requirement to maintain the grounds around Broom Fisheries near Newbie, Annan.

We started to cut and remove the older or precariously growing specimens, which are mainly Birch, Ash, Alder Willow and Sycamore growing within the 200-acre estate here at Broom Farm Estate, making this a very sustainable business with our customer base growing year-on-year purely by word of mouth, we have now had to expand the operation to cope with the demand, both in terms of machinery and also sourcing alternative suppliers of locally harvested timbers which has now increased our timber species to include Oak and Beech.

We also sell softwood logs in the same measure, they are mainly pines, also sustainable wood responsibly sourced.

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Firewood Supplied and Delivered

Seasoned logs delivered to your door

  • We supply seasoned logs delivered to your door
  • Cleaner firewood logs, less bark and debris to track into your home.
  • Even sized, split logs for even burning.
  • They can be stored in your garage, log store or covered store outside.
  • Low moisture means less weight and more efficient burning.
  • They ignite easily and burn efficiently.
  • Ready to burn the day they are delivered.

2023/2024 season prices

Hardwood Kiln Dried – £140 per dumpy bag
Hardwood Seasoned – £95 per dumpy bag
Softwood – £80
Net Bag of Kindlers – £5.99
Bag deposit – £5 per bag
* A bag deposit is payable on your initial delivery, thereafter you just exchange our empty bag on your next delivery.
If you do not have one of our bags to return, you will be required to pay another bag deposit.
Note: All our bags are tagged, if the bag you return has not got one of our tags attached, we will not take it, and you will be required to pay another bag deposit.

Free local delivery

Payment can be either cash, credit/debit card or over the phone.

Call John on 07850157668 to book your delivery or if you prefer to collect using your own transport

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